Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Entertainment to Make Your Eyes Bleed!

Oh dwindling followers of BR Tentacles. Direct your attention hither to, and my new weekly column about film, possibly, and all things that pique and prod.

This week, an exploration of Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous unproduced project, "Crusade". Blood, guts, castration, donkey carcasses!

Here's a taste of the blood and guts spectacle:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lumpy, in the Corner

The egg-plant roll-ups
were perfectly seasoned and you
and I conversed about art,
ignoring the fact that
our cat had caught a mouse and
was sitting with the dead thing
Over in the corner.

We talked for a while,
The eggplant grew cold, the cheese
Lumpy, our conversation, wilted
And then I saw that
down under our cat’s paw,
the mouse was alive
still struggling in the corner.

We tried to keep eating
and focused on tomatoes
while meatballs were looking
like little live mice.
Or the eggplant, lying there
suffering and squirming
While the cat was satisfied
Over in the corner.

The cat, he refused
to take the mouse outside
And it hobbled across
our red tile floor.

We tried to keep eating
But dinner was ruined
Everything lumpy
And over in the corner.