Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jukin' and Eatin' and Capitol Viewin'

Entertaining out of town visitors took us to two places that were new to us and two that are growing familiar.

At Teddy's Juke Joint we saw a musician called Eden Brent, a red-dressed, "whiskey-voiced," as many reviewers have written that other reviewers have written, singer from Mississippi.

Here's a shot of Teddy's dj booth

A happy occasion.

We also went to Boutin's for the first time.

Fun; they have a small bayou in the back; very pretty. The Zydeco band was pretty good and so was the food. I wondered if it was "too white" and realized that understanding cultural-racial issues in a state not one's own, particularly one with at least two more ethnic groups than most other states, seems pretty complex and I feel unauthorized to even continue thinking in this area. The shrimp was good.

We retrieved pastries from Ambrosia Bakery on Siegen; extremely good almond croissants among other treats. And we ate a nice lunch at Bistro Byronz.

And then here are reasons to love Baton Rouge from the 27th floor of the state capitol building.

That last one is the original LSU, the Pentagon Barracks.

And then here's a picture of Doc Watson who performed wonderfully at Jazzfest in New Orleans last Friday.

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