Saturday, December 12, 2009

EGSA Ugly Sweater Party

Because I noticed there were either very few or no pictures taken--perhaps an unspoken agreement to protect everyone from unauthorized ridicule-- I thought I would take a moment to review what people wore to the EGSA Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

Laura Marks wore a stunning cougar-worthy turquoise turtleneck-tank sweater with golden beads and leopard print adornments around the top and at the bottom. She was the winner of the Ugly Sweater Contest Female Division and well-deserving of the honor.

DeWitt Brinson placed first in the Men's Division for his ingenious, working clock-sweater which included flamingos, fake jewels and a lion. It was truly a great work.

Mel Coyle wore a classic, cheesy printed cardigan zip-up with mistletoe and other Christmas features on the top. Our party creator did well.

Jenn Nunes wore a shirt with a puffy-paint reindeer on it. When you were standing in front of her it was like being in 4th grade all over again, and extremely fun.

Susan Kirby-Smith wore a festive gold-leafed jacket. Many golden leaves. Excessive. She felt as though her name was Mildred.

Will Burke wore a well-fitting powder blue women's sweater with delicate white snowflakes stitched into it.

David Newman wore a highly patterned wintery snowflakey blue and white sweater that had pom-poms. His girlfriend Regan wore a very, very Christmasy sweater, which held several seasonal objects at the top. It was certainly of the caliber of sweaters worn by 2nd grade math teachers.

JT wore a sweater that combined Christmas colors in the most hideous way imaginable.

Cara Blue Adams wore a flowery short sleeved shirt that was sort of saying, "I'm not traditional Christmas, but I'm still Christmas. We spend Christmas in Hawaii when we can and when not, we have a luau with our neighbors."

Shelby Goddard wore an extremely patterned sweater that said, "I'm so hip, even on Christmas
when wearing a godawful sweater."

Helana Brigman went with the stripes. Maia and Aimee with the shiny things, I believe.

Tyler Smith wore a form-fitting off-white grandmother sweater with tiny flowers in neat columns.


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Susan Kirby-Smith said...

If anyone is curious about what the removed comment was, it was this: an advertisement from a sweater wholesaler. Shhh. The sweater people are after us.